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Tanker Sampling Tube

Brand :BRT

Product origin :China

Delivery time :in 7 days after payment

Supply capacity :30 pcs / month

Coking Sticky Oil Products Tanker Sampling Tube Coking Sticky Oil Products, ISO 3170 Road Tanker Viscous Oi Sampling Tube, Stainless Steel and Brass Customized OEM

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Road Tanker Sampling Tube

Model: BGC

       Tanker Sampling Tube is conforming to GB/T 1999<Sampling Method for Coking Sticky Oil Products> and ISO 3170.

       When sampling, lift up the weight first to make sampling tube vertical to the surface and slowly put the sampling tube to the tanker bottom, close the weight. Then lift up the sampling tube. Clean surface oil and transfer the sample into the sample container, Complete the sampling.

Road Tanker Sampling Tube

Viscous oil product sampler Model:BGC-S(Stainless Steel);BGC-B (Brass);BGC-Y (PMMA)

Road Tanker Sampling Tube Specification:ф32×3200mm


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