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Liquid Chlorine Sampling Cylinder

Brand :BRT

Product origin :China

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Stainless Steel Liquid Chlorine Sampling Cylinder, Equipment Pipeline Liquid Chlorine Sampler Bomb

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Liquid Chlorine Sampling Cylinder

Model: BPL

       Liquid Chlorine Sampler is conforming to GB/T 6681<General Practice for

Sampling of Gaseous Chemicals>. Φ8 Fittings, It is composed of seamless stainless steel cylinder, liquid chlorine needle valve and Two valve group.

       Applicable medium is liquid chlorine or other liquid and gaseous medium which temperature and pressure within the specified range and no corrosion to 316L.

Liquid Chlorine Sampler 1000ml Gas Sampling Bomb Sampler of Liquid Chlorine Liquid Chlorine Sampler

1. Operation pressure: 2Mpa 

2. Material: Stainless steel

3. Operation temperature range: -40~80℃;

4. Capacity: 300ml; 500ml; 1000ml


       Chlorine is toxic, sampler must be tested for strength and tightness regularly. The sampling method in accordance with GB/T 6681


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