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Static Mixer

Brand :BRT

Product origin :China

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Supply capacity :300 pcs / month

Stainless Steel 304 Static Mixer Device for Sale​, Highly Efficient Mixing Equipment Without Moving Parts. Pipeline Fluid Mixed Units Customized

Static Mixer

Model: BHHQ

       Static Mixer is a highly efficient mixing equipment without moving parts. It makes the fluid in the pipeline flowing through mixed units, laminar flow is "segmentation - movement - reconvene", the fluid will produce severe eddy current, there is a strong shear force for fluid, the fluid will be further mixed.

       The working principle is to use the mixed unit fixed in the pipe to change the flow state, so that fluids are well dispersed and fully mixed. Widely used, inner parts can be replaced.

       The reason why it is called "static" mixer is that there are no moving parts in the pipe, only static components. Suitable for plastics and synthetic fibers; Mixing and emulsification in the food industry; Civil chemistry; Petrochemical industry fuel emulsification, hydrocarbon refining extraction, raw material pre-mixing; Environmental protection sewage waste gas treatment and other fields.

Static Mixer  Liquid Static Mixer


Nominal Pressure:PN2.5~PN160;Class150~Class900;

Nominal Size:DN10~DN1000

Material: Stainless steel,  Carbon steel,  Polytef


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