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Cage Sampler

Brand :BRT

Product origin :China

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Supply capacity :30 pcs / month

ASTM 4057, ISO 4257 Stainless Steel and Brass Petroleum Products Manual Cage Sampler with Cork, Fixed-Point Controlled Tanker Oil Weighted Sample Cage

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Cage Sampler

Model: BL

       Lab Petroleum Cage Samplers conforms to GB/T 4756 "petroleum liquid manual sampling method". Used with anti-static sampling rope or stainless steel, brass chain. Easy to clean, simple operation. Glass bottles can be replaced at any time.

       In particular, the collection of volatile samples can prevent the volatilization when the sample is transferred from the sampler. After sampling, the glass bottle can be directly removed without transferring the sample, thus avoiding the second time contamination of the sample.

Material: Brass,   Stainless steel 

Specification: 500ml; 1000 ml


(1) Equipped with cork, it can collect fixed-point liquid samples which is

higher than the height of the bottle mouth from the bottom of the tank.

(2) The bottom is equipped with lead weight, which can be sampled in

the viscous sample.


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