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LPG Copper Strip Corrosion Test Cylinder

Corrosion Test Cylinder

LPG Copper Strip Corrosion Test Cylinder

Model: BSYT

       LPG Copper Strip Corrosion Test Cylinder is conforming to ASTM D1838-2016<Standard Test Method for Copper Strip Corrosion by (LPG)Liquefied Petroleum Gases> 

       Corrosion Test Cylinder, constructed of stainless steel with an O-ring removable top closure according to the dimensions given in photo. Provide a flexible inert hose, such as one composed of stainless steel, which permits inverting the test cylinder as required in the procedure. The whole assembly, including the corrosion test cylinder, shall be constructed to withstand a minimum hydrostatic test pressure of 6900 Kpa. No leak shall be discernible when tested at 3450Kpa with gas.

Material: Stainless steel 


Working Pressure:7Mpa

Structure: Composed of cylinder and 1/4" NPT needle valve.

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