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Stainless Steel Cup Sampler with Spring Loaded Cap

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Liquid Manual Sampling Cup, Lab Stainless Steel Fixed-point Oil Sampler in Stock

Stainless Steel Liquid Cup Sampler
Model BQBS

       Liquid Cup Sampler is a liquid manual sampling tool, suitable for sampling shallow liquids.as if sampling at a point below the liquid surface., such as a variety of liquids, acids and lye or viscous liquid.Sampling is accomplished by handle opening and closing the upper cover of cup body.

Fast Liquid Sampling Device, The ever popular Cup Sampler is ideal for sampling liquids and suspensions. The device is manufactured from stainless steel 316L/304. The Cup remains closed until you want to take the sample. When the sample is required, simply squeeze the handle which will open the cup. After sampling, the sample in cup can be removed to empty the sample.

Cup Sampler

Key Features: 
1. Option of 100ml or 200ml cup volume
2. Special lengths or capacities on request is available
3. 316L/304 contact parts 
4. Designed to be easily cleaned
5. The sampler can be used in the fields of pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental protection, cosmetics and food industries..
6. The cup can be unscrewed from the stem, allowing easy cleaning.

Specification100ml, 200ml
Size Rod: 10mm*1000mm,  Cup: 38*120mm
Material304/316 SS

Stainless Steel Cup Sampler

This liquid sampling cup is suitable for target point sampling at the position within the vessel that the sample liquid has precisely been determined. The spring-loaded cup can be opened at the sampling point only. This sampler is temperature resistant from -460 to 1292° F (-273 to 700° C), can be steam sterilized, and the 100-ml cup can be unscrewed from the stem, allowing for easy clean up.

Liquid Cup Sampler - single hand operation

It is possible to carry out point sampling of liquids of varying viscosity with the stainless steel Liquid Cup Sampler. Media-containing particles can also be sampled without difficulty.

Shallow Liquids Sample Thief

1. Place the Cup Sampler at the desired depth.
2. Open the cap using the handle. The liquid flows in.
3. Close the filled Cup Sampler and remove it.
4. Empty the sample into the sample bottle.

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