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Smoke Point Test Wick of Kerosene and Jet Fuel

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Kerosene and Jet Fuel Smoke Point Wick, ASTM D 1322 Smoke Point Test of Kerosene and Aviation Turbine Fuel

Smoke Point Test Wick of Kerosene and Jet Fuel


       Smoke Point Test Wick of Kerosene and Jet Fuel is conforming to GB/T 382-2017<Standard Test Method for Smoke Point of Kerosene and Aviation Turbine Fuel> and ASTM D 1322-08. It is used for determination of the smoke point of kerosene and aviation turbine fuel.

Specification:15cm/piece; 10piece/bag

Significance and Use

       This Test method provides an indication of the relative smoke producing properties of kerosines and aviation turbine fuels in a diffusion flame. The smoke point is related to the hydrocarbon type composition of such fuels. Generally the more aromatic the fuel the smokier the flame. A high smoke point indicates a fuel of low smoke producing tendency.

       The smoke point is quantitatively related to the potential radiant heat transfer from the combustion products of the fuel. Because radiant heat transfer exerts a strong influence on the metal temperature of combustor liners and other hot section parts of gas turbines, the smoke point provides a basis for correlation of fuel characteristics with the life of these components.


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