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Ocean River Lake Secchi Disk for Laboratory Water Quality Monitoring

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Ocean Water and Fresh Water Secchi Disk, Lakes Reservoirs Water Transparency Test Plate

Secchi Disk (Sea/Fresh Water)
Model: BMP

       The Secchi disk a device used to measure water transparency in all kinds of open waters (ponds, lakes, reservoirs, bays, oceans). Also named Mr Samuelson plate. The Secchi disk measures the depth of water to indicate the depth of light penetration into the water. Depended on the turbidity and chroma of the water

Ocean Water Secchi Disk       

Fresh Water Secchi Disk

       The ocean's phytoplankton that underpins the marine food chain is altering in abundance due to climate change. You can collect essential data to help understand how and why by taking part in this Secchi Disk study.
       Secchi Disk, The Global Seafarer Study of the Phytoplankton. Are you take part? This is a very interesting and potentially highly useful study and contribution. It is sure to generate a huge amount of valuable data and increase the public awareness of ocean ecology.

Lakes Secchi Disk

Method of Application:
1. After Installing Secchi disk, tie the Sampling rope (oil gauging tape) to the circular ring , then, slowly sink.
2. Dip the Secchi disk into the water until the black and white divider is barely visible.
3. At this time, the length mark of the sampling rope below the water surface is the transparency of wate.
4. Record the result, clean the disk, finish the test.

Fresh water disk20cmWhite and BlackOrganic Glass (acrylic) Plate, Stainless Steel Bobs20m gauging tape
Sea disk30cmWhiteOrganic Glass (acrylic) Plate, Stainless Steel BobsSampling Rope

Ocean Water Secchi Disk


1. The phytoplankton in the sea account for over 50% of all photosynthesis on Earth and, through the food web they support, they  underpin the marine food chain.
2. Living at the surface of the sea the phytoplankton are particularly sensitive to changes in sea surface temperature. A recent study of global phytoplankton abundance over the last century suggested that global phytoplankton concentrations had declined by 40% over the last 50 years due to rising sea surface temperatures as a consequence of current climate change.
3. We need to know much more about these changes and you can help by making a simple piece of scientific equipment called a Secchi Disk

Fresh Water Secchi Disk

1. The Secchi Disk is a 30cm diameter, plain white disk that is attached to a tape measure and weighted from below with enough weight to make the disk sink vertically. It is one of the oldest and simplest marine scientific tools. 
2. When a Secchi Disk is lowered vertically into the water the depth below the surface at which it just disappears from sight is called the Secchi Depth. The Secchi Depth measures the clarity of the seawater, which away from estuaries and coasts indicates the amount of phytoplankton at the sea surface.
3. By measuring the Secchi Depth you can therefore help map the ocean's phytoplankton. You can record Secchi Depths on your travels or perhaps, repeatedly from a local sampling site you establish.
4. The Secchi Disk study is a long-term program that began on February 22nd 2013. The study has no end date or geographic boundaries in the sea.

Lakes Secchi Disk

Ocean Water and Fresh Water Secchi Disk, Lakes Reservoirs Water Transparency Test Plate

Ocean Water Secchi Disk


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