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High Quality Manual and Electric Vacuum Fluid Oil Sampling Pump

Brand :BRT

Product origin :China

Delivery time :7 Working Days

Supply capacity :1000pcs/month

Obtain: Oil Sampling pump x1; 8mm Hose x 1;
PE Sampling Bottles x 1. Material: 7050 Aviation Aluminum-Alloy and Heavy Plastic. Capacity: 100ml, 250ml. Spare Parts: According to your requires, choose them

Vacuum Oil Sampling pump

       Oil Sampling pumps allow you to manually extract representative oil and fluid samples from non-pressurized systems quickly and easily. Also suitable for viscous oils, Water,Fluid liquid sample
       As picture, assemble the sampler correctly to ensure good sealing.The negative pressure vacuum will be formed in the sampling bottle by pulling the handle of the gas cylinder.Oil sample enter into sampling bottle.
       Note that the sampling bottle can contain up to 75% of the volume of the bottle, do not full the oil. Sturdily constructed and excellent in finish, these pumps are designed using superior quality raw material(7050 aviation aluminum-alloy and Heavy Plastic).

Oil Sampling Pump

Feature and Pay Attentions:
-With the Vacuum Oil Sampling Pump, the sample liquid only comes into contact with the suction hose and the original sample bottle. 
-The possibility of cross-contamination is greatly reduced. 
-After taking the sample, the bottles should be sealed Immediately . 
-The disposable suction hose can quickly be replaced. 
-This guarantees that the samples are never contaminated. 
-If necessary, a new hose can be used for every single sample.

-Can Make Logo for You, Lots of Spare Parts Can Be Choosed

-Technology-Integration of Injection Molding, No Leakage, Resistant to Oil and Acid and Alkali

-Many kinds of spare parts can be choosed, like Instrument protection box(Plastic or Aluminum-Alloy), Sample Bottles(Plastic or Glass), Tube Cutter, Weighted Tube Unit, 6/8mm Hose

Obtain: Oil Sampling pump x1; 8mm Hose x 1; PE Sampling Bottles x 1
Material: 7050 Aviation Aluminum-Alloy and Heavy Plastic

Capacity: 100ml, 250ml
Spare Parts: According to your requires, choose them

Manual Vacuum Sample Pump

Capacity100ml, 150ml
SizeW*L   55*220mm
Spare PartsInstrument protection box(Plastic or Aluminum-Alloy), Sample Bottles(Plastic or Glass), Tube Cutter, Weighted Tube Unit, 6/8mm Hose
OD of Bottles37mm, 45mm,       Plastic/Glass Bottles,     According to international Standards

Fluid Sampling Pump Oil Sampling Pump


      The Oil Sampling Pump is designed for efficient sampling of fluids under all conditions, in warm and cold weather, under other bad conditions at sea. The fluid goes directly from the object source to be sampled into the sampling bottle, without touching the pump, no need for cleaning. All parts are made of 7050 aviation aluminum-alloy and screwed together, easy to take apart. Gives up to 95 % vacuum. Using with a weighted tube unit, works better. 

Manual Vacuum Sample Pump

Our glass bottles and plastic sample bottles are favoured for water sampling by many labs
Pay attention to prevent dust, impurities and residual oil from mixing into the oil sample, so as to ensure the purity of the sample.

Sampling Process with a Vacuum Pump:

1. A Vacuum Oil Sampling pump is used to take samples from a dip stick, small tank, oil drum/cans, storage tank, or non-pressurized system.
2. To use a vacuum pump, securely attach a sample bottle to the pump. 
3. Attach a clean tube to the top of the pump and tighten the lock ring. 
4. Place the free end of the tube into the dipstick retaining tube or oil fill port, making sure not to allow contact between tubing and bottom of reservoir. 
5. Pump the plunger until oil flow is consistent and then pump only as needed to maintain consistent flow. 
6. The sample bottle should be filled about ¾ full or to its shoulder. 
7. Remove the sample bottle from the vacuum pump and tighten the lid securely. Max full of 75% capacity.

Fluid Sampling Pump
This photos is only tell how to use in cans, not our product, it is Germany Burkle', Thanks understand.

Electric one:

Oil Sampling PumpManual Vacuum Sample PumpFluid Sampling Pump


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