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Manual Stainless Steel Water Sampler Thief for River and Ocean Water

Brand :BRT

Product origin :China

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Supply capacity :1000pcs/month

Stainless Steel Water Sampler, 304 Stainless Steel Non-Welding Ocean Rivers Water Collecting Cans, High Quality Upper-Middle-Lower-Top-Surface Sample Pick Device

        Our company's water sampler belongs to down point sampler. Stainless steel and plexiglass material. It is composed of the sampler main body, two semicircular upper covers with shafts (top displacement port) and bottom valve (bottom inlet port). which are opened and closed by turning upper and lower covers.
       When sampling, the water sampler keeps dropping, the valve at the bottom opens under pressure, then the top displacement port is opened, at this time, sample is replaced contant. When the sampler reaches the sampling depth stilly, bottom valve and top cover automatically close to achieve sampling. Any depth of the sample can be taken, and the sampling is accurate.

Water Sampler

Stainless Steel Water Sampler Thief

       The product belongs to Bottom Point Sampler. 304 stainless steel. Equipped with latex pipe and water stop clamp. Adopt No- welding rivet fixation technology.
       It is suitable for collecting organic matter, grease, microorganism, aquatic organism and acid and alkali corrosive liquid in river or sea. Especially suitable for collecting seawater and acid-alkali and other corrosive samples. It Can take samples at any level precisely

Capacity: 500ml,1000ml, 2000ml, 2500ml

Capacity (ml)Size (mm)Weight (kg)

Stainless Steel Water Sampler

Method of use:
(1) Before sampling, latex pipe shall be covered on the water outlet, making water stop clamp clamped on the latex pipe, so that the water outlet of the water sampler is closed.
(2) Attach the sampling rope/metal chain firmly to the water sampler.Make the water sampler sink into the reservoir/lake/ocean/container at a uniform rate of no more than 1 m/s.
(3) The sample is injected at the bottom inlet port of the sampler and replaced at the top replacement port. At this time, the obtained sample is the representative sample of this depth.
(4) When the sampler sinks to the required sampling depth and still, the bottom valve and the top cover close automatically;
(5) Slowly lift the sampler, do not touch the bottom sample inlet to avoid sample leakage, take out the sampler and open the water stop clamp, transfer the obtained sample to the sample container, and finish sampling.

Stainless Steel Water Sampler, 304 SS No-Welding Ocean/Rivers Water Collecting Cans/Bottles/Thief/Beaker/Catcher/Apparatus, High Quality Upper-Middle-Lower-Top-Surface Sample Pick up Device

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