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Multi-Level Self-Sealing Sampler

Brand :BRT

Product origin :China

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Supply capacity :30 pcs / month

ASTM D4057 Weight Multi-Levels Self-Sealing Sampling Beaker, Representative/Upper/Middle/Lower Sample Collecting Container,Brass Material No-Spark, No Welding, No Oil Leakage. Laboratory Petroleum Oil Sample Cans in Tank

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Multi-Level Self-Sealing Sampler

Model: BQKD

1. Suitable for collecting fixed-point sample

2. Making bottle opening and closing manually at designated spot

3. Stamping and stretching forming

4. 1.5mm wall thickness

5. Sampling at up port

       Multi-Level Self-Sealing Sampler, also named Floater Fixed-Point Weighted Beaker, and Controlled Sampler. brass material, made with one-step forming technology, No welding, No oil
leakage. Applicable to sampling the petroleum products that are in liquid state at the atmospheric pressure and
normal temperature (safety temperature of oil) at different depths of oil tanks, vessels, tank trucks, oil tankers and
pipelines etc.

Capacity: 330ml; 500ml; 1000ml

       The bottom has additional weight separately which is isolated from the sampling space inside the sampler.
Doesn't contaminate the sample, thus ensuring the purity and accuracy of the sample. It is easy to use and will not change the oil sample.

       Multi-Level Self-Sealing Sampler also referred to as Controlled fixed-point sampler or Weighted controlled sampler etc,Upper sample. The product complies to the national standards GB/T 4756, <Sampling Method For Liquid Petroleum Product >, GB/T 6680 <General Rules for Sampling Liquid Chemical Products>,and ISO 3170<Petroleum liquids -- Manual sampling>. The sample can be accurately collected at the designated point when sampling, and the oil inlet can be automatically closed after sampling to ensure the purity of the sample.
Floater Fixed-Point Weighted Beaker


With detachable containers opened at the required depth by a snatch valve which reseals when the container is full;
Brass material, no spark, avoid the safety accident caused by electric spark;


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