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Liquefied Petroleum Gas Glass Sampling Bottles Used for Gas Chromatography

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Product origin :China

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MTBE Pressure-proof Sample Container, Gas Chromatography Petroleum Gas Sampling Glass Bottles, ASTM D4057 LPG Inlet Sampler

Petroleum Gas Glass Sampling Bottles for GC(Gas Sample Storage Cylinders)
Model: BPQ

       The product is also known as pressure-proof bottle and petroleum gas sampling bottle. Used for Sampling Observe Analyze and storage petroleum gas.
       Conforming to GB/T 6012<Appearance test of industrial butadiene>; SH/T 1550<Determination of purity of MTBE- Gas Chromatography method>; GB/T 4756<Sampling Method of Petroleum liquid>.

BPQ-RNylon/Nylon+Stainless Steel Protection Coat15m
BPQ-SStainless Steel Protection Coat5ml,10ml,15ml,25ml
BPQ-BBrass Protection Coat5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 25ml
BPQ-B Brass Protective Mesh50ml, 100ml, 150ml, 250ml

1. Silicon rubber gasket and special material glass, seal pressure resistance is superior.
2. The visual window is convenient for direct observation of the sample inside the bottle.
3. Stainless steel/ Brass/ Nylon protector to avoid explosion hazard, safe and reliable.
4. Sample pressure in sample bottle must be controlled below 1.0mpa.
5. Metal Protection and Watch Windows

Pressure-Proof Glass Sampling Vessel

Pressure Bottle Operating Instruction:
Volume: 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 25ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 150ml, 250ml.  It Can also be made in accordance with the requirements            
Material: Bottle body:95# or GG17 borosilicate glass 
Bottleneck: Brass or Stainless steel         
Protective cover: Brass or Stainless steel, Nylon hose, Brass protective mesh  
Working pressure: ≤1Mpa        
Operating temperature: -40~90ºC
Structure: Metal protector, sampling glass tube, screw cap,  sealing gasket. The sample operation of gas chromatograph can be realized with the needle.
Applicable medium: MTBE, liquefied petroleum gas, butadiene,  propylene ect.

Gas Chromatography Apparatus

Operating steps:
1. Make sure the sampler is vacancy or is filled with dissolvent by 30% volume before use.
2. Firstly, insert the double end needle one side into the sampling glass bottles, meanwhile the other side insert into the interface of LPG sample cylinder. When the moderate samples have been collected, pull out the double end needle, then put the sampler on the shelf.
3. After sampling, the samples can be applied to analyze, test, store and view its color and state. 

1. In the process of collecting the samples, the pressure inside the bottle should be increased or decreased slowly. The sampler window should be avoid to directly face users.
2. The pressure inside the bottle must be controlled below 1.0 Mpa.

MTBE Pressure-proof Sample Container, Gas Chromatography Petroleum Gas Sampling Glass Bottles, ASTM D4057 LPG Inlet Sampler


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