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GC Water Bath Cooler Heat Exchanger for Closed Loop Sampling System

Brand :BRT

Product origin :China

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 Closed Sampling System Cooler

Beautiful Fish Scale of Welding

Coiled Pipe Cooling Heat Exchanger
Model: BQL

       Used in the process of sampling in Petrochemical laboratory, Electric heating power industry, especially in Petrochemical sampling equipment, no leakage sampling is carried out on low pressure gas and liquid medium under various hazardous conditions such as toxic, harmful and flammable in the process of pipeline. Cooling replacement of medium (liquid or gas) with higher temperature is often required.
       According customer requirements and provided your operating parameters (pressure, temperature, media, sampling environment and other factors) to manufacture. Ensure the reliability and stability of the sampling cooler in heat transfer performance.
       High heat transfer efficiency of BQL coil cooling heat exchanger.Use the sleeve, flange, quick connector, thread connection or welding.Convenient for customers to install and use.

MaterialCarbon steel; 304/316 Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Cooler

Power Plant Water Cooler

Main Feature:
1. High heat transfer efficiency, suitable for cooling type closed sampler, both internal and external;
2. Flange connection is used between the body and the upper cover,Drain port at the bottom make easy to remove and clean;
3. Stainless steel internal coil tube, cooling circulating water separately inlet and outlet, better cooling effect, no pollution to the sample;
4. Elegant appearance, long service life, stainless steel guarantee superior corrosion resistance;

Closed Sampling System Cooler

Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel Laboratory Cooling Heat exchanger, Coiled Pipe Cooler Bath Equipment for Closed Loop Sampling System.

Stainless Steel Cooler


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