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Manual Gasoline and Diesel Oil Weighted Sampler Thief

Brand :BRT

Product origin :China

Delivery time :7 Working Days

Supply capacity :1000pcs/month

No-Leakage Cork Brass Weighted Sampling Thief, Comforming to ASTM D4057, ISO 3170 , Laboratory 304 Stainless Steel Oil Sample Collection Catchers in Tanker

Oil Weighted Sampling Thief

1. Suitable for collecting Designed-position sample
2. Stamping and stretching forming, No welding, Stronger
3. Independent bottom weighted unit, No polluting for sample

4. Sampling at up port

Capacity (ml)Stainless Steel Weight (Kg)Stainless Steel Size (mm)Brass Weight (Kg)Brass Size (mm)

Gasoline Sampler Thief

Sampling Process:
1. Before sampling, please operator connect the sampler with ground by anti-static rope to eliminate static electricity.
    The weighted unit added to sampler bottom, sink more easy, which is used for sampling from any level of liquid product tank.
2. Slowing down the sampler slowly. Sink oil sampler into tank, Jerk the ropes tied on the cork to open it, begin to sample.
    According to the length of the anti-static rope, the operator can judge whether to arrive at the designed sampling depth.
3. Now, operator should rise anti-static rope upward when the sampler is full of liquid. Carrying it to analysis laboratory.
    Sampling process is finished.

Diesel Sampler Bottles


       This series of BQ() Products are conforming to GB/T 4756<Sampling Method for Liquid Petroleum Product>, GB/T 6680<General Practice for Sampling Liquid Chemicals>, ASTM D4057 <Standard Practice for Manual Sampling of Petroleum and Petroleum products> and ISO 3170<Petroleum Liquids-Manual Sampling>.
       At room temperature (safe oil product temperature), It is suitable for sampling non-volatile non-toxic and harmless liquid petroleum products at locations such as oil tank, tank car, oil tank car, oil tanker and process pipeline. It is easy to use, safe and durable, No change for oil component.
       The liquid petroleum sampling bottle series can be sampled at the bottom, lower, middle, upper, surface, spots, all-levels, composite sample etc. It meets different sampling requires for users.

ISO 3170 Manual Sampling Beakers
Material to Choose:
1. The 304 stainless steel material has remarkable corrosion and oxidation resistance, It has a exquisite and durable appearance. Food grade material is suitable for food oil or other petroleum products has no corrosion to SS.
2. The brass sample bottle is not easy to spark, and it is suitable for oil sampling. It not only ensures the personal safety of the operators, but also eliminates the potential safety hazard caused by the spark.

Gasoline Sampler Thief

Technology, All Samplers Have No welding:
This series of products adopt stamping and stretching forming and metal tight fitting technology to overcome the problem that welding sampler is easy to leakage oil.

Material: Stainless Steel, Brass
Specifications: 330ml, 500ml, 1000ml


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