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Factory Price ISO 4268 Brass Cup Case Thermometer

Brand :BRT

Product origin :China

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Supply capacity :1000pcs/month

Factory Price Brass Cup Case Thermometer Conforming to ISO 4268, Explosionproof Oil Temperature Measure Apparatus

Cup Temperature Test Kit(Surface Temperature of Liquid Petroleum Product)

       This product also named Cup-Case Thermometer, Conforming to GB/T 8927 and ISO 4268<Petroleum and Liquid Petroleum Products-Temperature Measurement-Manual Methods>.
       It is used for manual determination surface temperature of bulk petroleum products and other liquid chemicals in storage tank

Cup-Case Thermometer       

       A typical Cup-Case thermometer assembly is illustrated in below drawing. The Cup-Case is made of either varnished hardwood or non-sparjing cossosion-resistent material, with a cup of at least 100ml capacity, and with dimensions such that the side of the bulb will be at least 10mm from the nearest wall, and the bottom of the bulb 30mm above the bottom of the cup. The accuracy and resolution of the thermometer within the Cup-Case shall comply with the specification of ISO 4268.

Thermometer for Cup-Cases:
Because the thermometer stem is not immersed in the oil when reading are being taken, the thermometer  used shall be calibrated for partial immersion.

Material: Brass
Specification: 100ml

Product NameCapacityMaterialStandard
Cup-Case Thermometer100mlBrassISO 4268

Note: It can be used with the our Anti-Static Sampling Rope, and the Brass Material Chain. They do not produce sparks, so as to ensure the safety of operators and avoid accidents.
Thermometers: Don't Include Glass Thermometers

Glass Thermometers Size: 350mm

Glass Thermometers Range: -30~+50 Celsius

Glass Thermometers Precision: 0.2/0.5

Fuel Oil Temperature Measuring Kit of Liquid Petroleum and Other Chemicals Product, Brass Material No-Spark Tanker Temperature Test Tool, Surface Temperature Measure Apparatus

ISO 4268 Manual Thermometer

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