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ISO 3170 All-Levels Bottom Weighted Sampler Cage with Stopper

Brand :BRT

Product origin :China

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Supply capacity :1000pcs/momth

ASTM 4057, ISO 4257 Stainless Steel and Brass Petroleum Products Manual Cage Sampler with Cork, Fixed-Point Controlled Tanker Oil Weighted Sample Cage

Bottom Weighted Sampler Cage

Model: BL

       Sampling cage conforms to ASTM D4057<Standard Practice for Manual Sampling of Petroleum and Petroleum Products>, ISO 3170<Petroleum Liquids-Manual Sampling> and GB/T 4756 <Method for Manual Sampling Petroleum Liquid>.
       For sampling from tank cars, tank trucks, shore tanks, ship tanks and barge tanks. Takes all level samples, running samples, and top, upper, middle, lower and outlet samples.

       This Type Cage Sampler is constructed of a spark-reducing metal-brass, The lowering and retrieval eqiupment is attached to the cage in such a manner that a stopper can be oppened by means of a sharp jeck. A restricting device, such as a cap with a hole drilled in it, may be used to restrict the filling rate. This combined apparatus is weighted so as to sink readily in the product to be sampled. Cage samplers may be used to obtain spot, running and all-levels samples in tank.

       Used with Anti-static Sampling Ropes or Stainless Steel, Brass Chain. Easy to clean, simple operation. Glass bottles can be replaced at any time.
       Appropriately sized to hold the Container/Bottles. The use of a sampling cage, or any sampling process that avoids the need to transfer the sample into intermediate sample container, is preferred for samples used for volatility testing.

       In particular, the collection of volatile samples can prevent the volatilization when the sample is transferred from the sampler. After sampling, the glass bottle can be directly removed without transferring the sample, thus avoiding the second time contamination of the sample.

Material: Brass, Stainless steel

Specification: 500ml;1000 ml

MaterialBrassStainless steel
Specification500ml1000 ml
Bottom Weighted UnitsUsed to spot Sample or all-levels sample

Installed a stopper


(1) Equipped with cork, it can collect Designated-Position liquid samples which is higher than the height of the bottle mouth from the bottom of the tank.

(2) The bottom is equipped with lead Weighted Unit, which can be sampled in the viscous sample.

ASTM 4057, ISO 3170 Stainless Steel and Brass Petroleum Products Manual Cage Sampler with Cork, Designated-Position Controlled Tanker Oil Weighted Sample Cage


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