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ASTM D1657 Pressure Hydrometer Cylinder for Density of Light Hydrocarbons

ASTM D1657 Pressure Hydrometer Cylinder
Model: BYM    

       Pressure Hydrometer Cylinder is conforming to SH/T 0221 anf ASTM D1657 and ISO 3993(Standard Test Method for Density or Relative Density of Light Hydrocarbons by Pressure Hydrometer).
       It is applicable at test temperature, Density of LPG and light hydrocarbon which vapor pressure are less than 1.4 Mpa can be tested using this Hydrometer.
       Made of plexiglass(plastic), valves, etc, Both ends are sealed tightly with metal and neoprene gaskets. Conforming to the design and recommended dimensions given in below drawing. The cylinder is of such dimensions that the hydrometer float freely within it.
       Warning: A protective shield shall be placed around the cylinder. Replace any cylinders that show signs of fogging, crazing, cracking, or etching.

Valves(3 pcs) Thread:  
    1/4 NPT (M)-M14*1.5(M)                        Can customized for you for Double-ends 1/4 in Valves Thread
Pressure Gauge Thread:
    M20*1.5(M) /1/4NPT(M)                         Can customized for you for 1/4 in Thread

Valves(3 pcs) Thread:1/4 NPT (M)-M14*1.5(M)/1/4NPT(M)Can customized for you for Valves Thread
Pressure Gauge Thread:M20*1.5(M)/1/4NPT(M)Can customized for you for Valves Thread

The apparatus comprises of pressure gauge, which makes easier to observe the pressure of the inner tube.                                            
1. Ensure the operating safety. According to ASTM D1657
2. A polymethylmethacrylate pressure cylinder, clear observation of the hydrometer and thermometer
3. Reasonable structure with decent appearance.

ASTM D1657 and ISO 3993 Relative Density of Light Hydrocarbons Test Apparatus, Liquefied Petroleum Gases(LPG) Pressure Hydr ometer Cylinder

Pressure Hydrometer Cylinder

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