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Double-Ends Aluminum Alloy Seamless Gas Sample Cylinder

Double-Ends Seamless Aluminium Gas Sampling Cylinder


       Aluminum alloy gas cylinder is widely used in petrochemical, oil fields, analytical laboratories and gas special research. Especially Collecting COsample from apparatus, device in manufacture line.
       Gas cylinders are suitable for sampling and storage of high pressure, flammable, explosive, poisonous gaseous and liquid samples. Formed by utilizing spinning process, one-step-forming, double-ends, high pressure resistance, low temperature resistance, light weight and so on.

Aluminum Gas Sample Cylinder

Working pressure: 15Mpa
Capacity: 0.7L, 1L, 2L, 4L
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Outlet thread of Valves: W21.8

Capacity (L)Size (mm)Weight (Kg)Working Pressure (Mpa)Wall Thickness (mm)

Double-Ends Aluminum Cylinder

1. Fushun Bright Technology Co., Ltd (Bright) is specialized in Seamless Sampling Cylinders design and manufacture for many years,and get a good reputation home and abroad with the backing of professional design and management team.
2. Bright cylinders are made from superior Aluminum Alloy 6061 so that features high strength(No splashing fragment in explosion), light weight (40% lighter than steel cylinders) and corrosion resistence,etc.
3. Bright cyinders interior and exterior is treated by passivation which can make sure the gases clean ,odourless and anticorrosive.
4. Production and management of Bright is carried out by ISO9000 Quality Management System strictly and keep a good quality and safety is Bright's key point.
5. There are various kinds of Bright cylinders for your choice and also Bright can design and munufacture any new type cylinders according to customer's requirement.

Package: Wooden or Carton Box

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