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Sampling Spear (End Open and Closed)

Brand :BRT

Product origin :China

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Powder Sample, Small Particles or Crystal Sampling Spear, Stainless Steel Solid Chemical Product Sampler Probe

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Sampling Spear (End Open and Closed)

Model: BTZ-K, BTZ-F  

       Powder Sampling Spear is conforming to GB/T 6679<General Practice for Sampling of Solid Chemical Product>. Used for taking sample of powder, small particles or small crystal chemical products, of which particles diameter is normally less than 5mm.

Material: Stainless steel.

Diameter:25mm Length: 800mm Slot: 19×715mm

End Open Sampling Probe  End Close Sampling Probe

End Open Sampling Probe Operation Instruction:

1. cleaning the sampling probe before use

2. Insert the sampling probe into the material and rotate 2-3 times after reaching the specified depth. When the sampling probe is pulled back, the slot should be upward and the material should be poured into the sample container.

3. Cleaning the sampling probe and finish the sampling.


Quantitative Sampling Probe

Unit Dose Multi-Level Sampler

Multi Sampler (Closed Chambers Model)

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